About Us


Abuja · Nairobi · Marrakech · Kigali · São Tomé

From the magnificent Atlas Mountains of Morocco to the pristine rainforests and beaches of São Tomé and Principe. From the plains of the breathtaking savannah of Kenya to the incredible mangroves of Nigeria and the astonishing rolling hills of Rwanda we make sure that the gifts of nature to Africa are delivered to you unadulterated.

We have combined centuries old traditional African methods and unique innovations to create our luxurious products.

The secret in the quality of our products lays in the purity of our ingredients and the ancient beauty secrets of African societies.

All the ingredients used in our range come from natural produce grown in Africa. All our products are not only meticulously made but are subjected to vigorous quality control checks to meet our strict and exacting standards.

We are a truly African company. Gajimare was created and is manufactured in Nairobi and Abuja. 90% of our suppliers are from within Africa.