Modern Slavery Statement

Slavery, servitude forced labor, and human trafficking remain global concerns, and no industry or company can be considered immune to the different forms of modern slavery. Gajimare does not tolerate, in any form or context, the use of servitude, forced or bonded labor, human trafficking, or slavery, in its operations in any country in which we operate or through any supplier or any part of our supply chain.

Gajimare (Elvante Ltd) is a registered limited liability company pursuant to the laws of Kenya. Gajimare is also vigilant in all partnerships with all suppliers and saccos we work with on the continent and ensure all our partners are compliant with these principles. Our supply chain is comprised of external businesses, SACCOS, women's groups, Government entities, self-employed consultants and partner organizations from African countries to source our products. We do not condone Bribery, corruption and fraud.